The long wait has an end! Starting today, the soccer simulation ” FIFA 18 ” will be available on the shelves of the electronics specialist markets. His predecessor “FIFA 17” was by far the most popular video game last year in the Republic.

With stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Robert Lewandowski shooting goals and leading his team to the championship, the gamers can now virtually reach the new FIFA offshoot.

“FIFA 17” has sold over 1.5 million times in Germany since the release on September 29, 2016 – alone for the Playstation 4. A record for the football simulation so far.

The makers of EA Sports have once again considered some innovations for “FIFA 18”. Among other things, for the first time in history the German 3rd league in career mode can be played (TAG24 reported) .

The Chemnitzer FC, the 1. FC Magdeburg or the FSV Zwickau lead to the German championship title? With “FIFA 18” quite possible. The electronics retailers offer the game for 59 euros. It is available for the Playstation 3 and 4, the Xbox 360 and One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

7.32 spoilers: Windrunner sisters will meet new radio drama on the line

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  The protracted war finally ended …

  The side of my heart never expected to be alive until the day of arrival. We went through countless battles and lost too much.

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  Aurelia became different, and she began to use the power I could not fully understand. But I know that her heart is still my beloved sister.

  The news of Sylvanas is very heavy for her. Some things need to be solved … Face to face

  The windbreaker sisters must meet on the side, and only that place is the right meeting place.


  I found them, I finally found my parents!


  On the Turalyon and Aurelia story of the radio drama – the Millennium Battle, the English version is now on the line, audio files and PDF can be found in the above link, the Chinese version should also soon have.

  In this radio show, we will see how Alleria is discovering the affinity between her and the void, how she escapes from Niskar, and why Zelah has imprisoned her.

  The story is divided into three parts, I only outline the beginning.

  Two Light: When Draco was destroyed, Turalyon and Aurelia were trapped in a twisted void and chased by an assassin of Kil’jaeden. They fled through the Light Portal and twisted the void, and met the Lord of Light Lotharic, who explained the power of Zelah and the Light Army …

  Jade Star: Turalyon accepted the blessing of Zelah, this ceremony and the Illidan experienced much like, but Turalyon wholeheartedly accepted the gift of Zelah … …

  Light and shadow: light and shadow in the Aurelia and Turalyon who replaced – they were forced on the impasse – Aurelia and the double line of the captain was captured by the army; Turalyon launched an unsuccessful operation of Agus Surprise . (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Best NFL coordinators of the past 25 years

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In Week 1, the Los Angeles Rams became the first team in NFL history to record two interception-return touchdowns and a safety in their season-opener. It was a big coming-out party for the new-look Rams and their 3-4 scheme, coordinated by one of the greatest assistant coaches in NFL history: Wade Phillips. Week 2 didn’t go quite as swimmingly, but it’s clear that Phillips has had a significant impact on the team — and very quickly.

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Which 0-2 team has the best playoff chances?
Around 12 percent of NFL teams that start 0-2 have historically made the playoffs. Which of the nine winless clubs this season has the best chance? Start with L.A.’s newest team.

NFL evaluators make picks on Week 3’s best games
We gathered a panel of NFL execs to break down the five biggest games in Week 3. Who wins Chiefs-Chargers, Raiders-Redskins, Seahawks-Titans, Falcons-Lions and Cowboys-Cardinals?
Phillips’ record as a head coach is not as bad as you think: 82-64, with five playoff appearances. But it is as a defensive coordinator that he is legendary. His ferocious pass rushes were part of playoff teams from San Diego to Dallas to Houston. In the greatest years of his career, he ran one of the greatest defenses in history for the Denver Broncos and dragged a depleted Peyton Manning to a Super Bowl title.

We wanted to pay tribute to Phillips and the other great coordinators who move from team to team, building strong units wherever they go. So we looked at our DVOA ratings from the past 25 years to determine which coordinators had the best historical record. (DVOA, or Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, is explained here.)

We set some ground rules to make sure we didn’t end up with coordinators who were good only because of the players they had at one stop. Coordinators had to work for at least three franchises, and we removed those who ranked well solely because of one team. (Monte Kiffin is a good example; his Tampa defenses were legendary, but he had poor one-year stops with the 1995 Saints and 2013 Cowboys.)

Also, we’re looking here only at coordinators when they served as coordinators. Sometimes head coaches also fill their own coordinator roles, but we left out years in which he filled only the head-coach job So no Dom Capers in Carolina or Josh McDaniels in Denver, though we do mention some of those performances in our commentary. Our rundown begins with defense instead of offense so we can start with the Son of Bum.


1. Wade Phillips

Tenure: 16 years, average rank 11.6
Teams coached: 1992 Broncos, 1995-97 Bills, 2002-03 Falcons, 2004-06 Chargers, 2009-10 Cowboys, 2011-13 Texans, 2015-16 Broncos, 2017 Rams

Nobody rebuilds a defense like Wade Phillips. His record is not just one of good defense, but of improved defense. He took the Falcons defense from 26th to 12th in 2001. He took the Chargers defense from 30th to 13th in 2003. And he took the Texans defense — with some help from rookie J.J. Watt, of course — from 31st to sixth in 2010. Then he took the Broncos to No. 1 in our defensive rankings in both 2015 and 2016.

And Phillips’ record looks even better if we extend our analysis past just 25 years. From 1986-88 with the Eagles and 1989-91 with the Broncos, he coordinated five top-five defenses in six seasons.

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Wade Phillips has quickly turned the Rams’ defense into a fearsome unit, but this isn’t the first time he has pulled off a similar feat. Kevin Sullivan/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire
2. Dom Capers

Tenure: 14 years, average rank 12.6
Teams coached: 1992-94 Steelers, 1999-2000 Jaguars, 2007 Dolphins, 2009-present Packers

Capers’ Packers defenses have been extremely inconsistent, going from second in DVOA in 2009 and 2010 to 25th in 2011 and then back to eighth in 2012. His Steelers defenses were stronger, ranking first overall in both 1993 and 1994. Capers also has seven years as a head coach, with Vic Fangio as his defensive coordinator, which are not included in the average rank above. His Panthers had the remarkable accomplishment of ranking fifth in defensive DVOA as a 1995 expansion team, but the Texans had below-average defense in all four of the years Capers and Fangio were there.

3. Romeo Crennel

Tenure: 11 years, average rank 13.4
Teams coached: 2000 Browns, 2001-04 Patriots, 2010-12 Chiefs, 2014-present Texans

Crennel was in charge of four years of above-average Patriots defense, peaking at No. 2 in 2003 and winning three Super Bowl championships. His Houston defenses have all ranked in the top 10. His Chiefs defenses were closer to average, as were his Browns defenses when he was a head coach there from 2005-08.

4. Mike Nolan

Tenure: 17 years, average rank 13.9
Teams coached: 1993-96 Giants, 1997-99 Redskins, 2000 Jets, 2002-04 Ravens, 2009 Broncos, 2010-11 Dolphins, 2012-14 Falcons

Nolan’s best years were mostly with the Ravens, but not entirely. The Jets ranked fourth in defensive DVOA in 2000, and Nolan defenses ranked between seventh and 12th for four straight years from 2009 to 2012. However, his Falcons defenses were among the worst in the league in 2013 and 2014. He’s now linebackers coach in New Orleans and could get another coordinator job at some point.

5. Jim Schwartz

Tenure: 10 years, average rank 14.0
Teams coached: 2001-08 Titans, 2014 Bills, 2016-present Eagles

Schwartz’s defenses oscillated between average and poor in his first six years with the Titans, then suddenly put it all together and ranked No. 1 in defensive DVOA in 2007. His record since then is fantastic (following a sojourn as head coach in Detroit). He ran the No. 2 defense in Buffalo in 2014, and the No. 4 defense in Philadelphia last season.


1. Al Saunders

Tenure: 9 years, average rank 9.9
Teams coached: 2001-05 Chiefs, 2006-07 Redskins, 2008 Rams, 2011 Raiders

This is primarily about the fabulous mid-’00s Chiefs, with Trent Green, Priest Holmes and Tony Gonzalez. They ranked in the top five in offensive DVOA for five straight seasons. However, Saunders’ Rams offense in 2008 ranked dead last; his other three offenses as a coordinator were close to average. Saunders also has a number of seasons with the title of “Senior Offensive Assistant,” which we aren’t counting here. Those are mostly about building young offenses such as the 2012-2014 Raiders and the current Browns, so the performance isn’t great.

Al Saunders is working as the Browns’ senior offensive assistant this season. Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images
2. Ernie Zampese

Tenure: 8 years, average rank 11.4
Teams coached: 1992-93 Rams, 1994-97 Cowboys, 1998-99 Patriots

The greatest progenitor of the “Air Coryell” offense after Don Coryell himself, Zampese led the Cowboys to No. 3 and No. 1 finishes in offensive DVOA in 1994 and 1995 after replacing another Coryell disciple, Norv Turner. Zampese also led the Rams to No. 3 finishes in 1988 and 1989, though they aren’t counted in the average above. The only Zampese offense since 1989 that ranked 20th or worse in DVOA was the 1999 Patriots, at No. 22.

3. Cam Cameron

Tenure: 11 years, average rank 11.7
Teams coached: 2002-06 Chargers, 2007 Dolphins, 2008-12 Ravens

Though he hasn’t coached in the NFL since 2012, he’s still well-respected by coaches at that level; you might remember Rex Ryan referring to a pass route as a “Cam route” during the Week 1 Broncos-Chargers broadcast because Cameron used it so much. Cameron’s Chargers offenses peaked at No. 2 in 2006; his Ravens offenses were mostly above average despite having a young Joe Flacco at quarterback and an unimpressive wide receiver corps.

4. Charlie Weis

Tenure: 9 years, average rank 12.0
Teams coached: 1997-99 Jets, 2000-04 Patriots, 2010 Chiefs

You know about the offense Weis ran with Tom Brady, but remember that he also had the 2010 Chiefs at No. 13 in offensive DVOA with Matt Cassel at quarterback, and the 1998 Jets at No. 5 in offensive DVOA despite three starts from Glenn Foley.

5. Rob Chudzinski

Tenure: 5 years, average rank 13.0
Teams coached: 2007-08 Browns, 2011-12 Panthers, 2016-present Colts

Look, there’s only so much the guy can do with Scott Tolzien, but Chudzinski coached the 2007 Browns to a No. 10 finish in offensive DVOA with Derek Anderson as the starting quarterback. He also built a dynamic, modern running offense around a rookie Cam Newton and the 2011 Panthers that ranked fourth in offensive DVOA.

Special teams

1. Scott O’Brien

Tenure: 18 years, average rank 8.8
Teams coached: 1992-95 Browns, 1996-98 Ravens, 1999-2001 Panthers, 2007-08 Broncos, 2009-14 Patriots

Thirteen of these 18 units ranked in the top 10 of our special-teams DVOA ratings. O’Brien led the No. 1 special-teams unit with both the 1994 Browns and 1999 Panthers, and his last four Patriots units all ranked fifth or higher. He’s now semi-retired and working for New England as an area scout.

Scott O’Brien coached the No. 1-rated special-teams unit in the NFL on two separate occasions, and the Patriots finished in the top five his final four seasons. Jim Davis/The Boston Globe/Getty Images
2. Jerry Rosburg

Tenure: 16 years, average rank 10.0
Teams coached: 2001-06 Browns, 2007 Falcons, 2008-present Ravens

The Ravens have ranked in the top four of our special teams rankings in six of the past seven seasons, including ranking No. 1 in both 2012 and 2015. Rosburg’s record with the Browns was not as strong overall, but the Browns were above average in five of his six seasons there. They were eighth in 2005 and sixth in 2006.

3. Pete Rodriguez

Tenure: 15 years, average rank 10.7
Teams coached: 1992-93 Cardinals, 1994-97 Redskins, 1998-2003 Seahawks, 2004-06 Jaguars

Rodriguez’s special-teams units ranked in the top 10 of DVOA for eight of the nine years between 1992 and 2000, even though Rodriguez bounced from Phoenix to Washington to Seattle. He also led top-10 units for the Raiders in 1988 and 1989. However, Rodriguez’s units were not as strong in the last part of his career, ranking between 13th and 19th in his final five seasons. Rodriguez passed away in 2014.

4. Brad Seely

Tenure: 24 years, average rank 10.8
Teams coached: 1992-93 Colts, 1994 Jets, 1995-98 Panthers, 1999-2008 Patriots, 2009-10 Browns, 2011-14 49ers, 2015-present Raiders

Nobody is a special-teams lifer quite like Brad Seely, who has been a special-teams coordinator in the NFL for every single season since 1989. Seely hasn’t had a streak of strong units like the coaches listed above him, but he has rarely had a bad unit, either; the 2014 San Francisco 49ers are the only Seely unit to rank below 20th in DVOA. Seely led the No. 1 special teams for the 1996 Panthers and then again for the 2009 Browns. In between, his Patriots units were above average for his entire 10-year tenure.

5. Joe DeCamillis

Tenure: 24 years, average rank 12.8
Teams coached: 1993-96 Giants, 1997-2006 Falcons, 2007-08 Jaguars, 2009-12 Cowboys, 2013-14 Bears, 2015-16 Broncos, 2017 Jaguars

Another special-teams lifer, DeCamillis got his first special-teams coordinator job with the 1993 Giants. He’s now been a coordinator for 25 straight years, back for a second round with the Jaguars. However, DeCamillis’ record is far better in the early part of his career than in the past decade. From 1993 through 2005, DeCamillis had above-average special teams with an average DVOA rank of 7.7 every single season. However, beginning with the 2006 Falcons, DeCamillis has not run a single unit that ranked in the top 10, and the average rank is 18.7. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Choco’s blog: video games, movies, series, animated

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As you approach the FIFA 18 release, you’ve been a few wondering where to buy a PS4 FIFA 18 (Slim or Pro) pack at the best price. If in France, prices are currently more than average, on the other side of the sleeve, the bundle PS4 FIFA 18 are displayed at prices more than interesting. So here are some tips if you were to invest in a Playstation 4 with the latest soccer game made in Electronic Arts.

Pack PS4 Slim FIFA 18 : much lower prices in import

Sold at a minimum of 349.99 euros in France, the PS4 FIFA 18 Slim package is displayed at a more competitive price abroad and especially in England. As I write these lines, the PS4 Slim 1TB + FIFA 18 Deluxe goes up to 306 euros (with 5 euros for shipping and 6 euros for the UK / FR adapter). The PS4 FIFA 18 consoles in UK import are entirely in French (language to be chosen from the menu) and read 100% of the games sold in France. FIFA 18 also happens in French in its version import UK (if you were to do the solo mode of the game).

As for the PS4 FIFA 18 multiplayer packs, the bundle with 2 controllers goes to 339 € in UK import, the price of the console alone with the game in France which gives the PS4 pad offered.

Last but not least, PS4 Pro offers unfortunately a promo now completed that showed the console at a record price of 299 euros on Friday, September 15, 2017 (which made a bundle PS4 Pro FIFA 18 for just under 349 euros. now finished but if it comes back by “miracle”, I will share it in the buying guide PS4 ChocoBonPlan consoles 😉

Pack PS4 Slim FIFA 18: better wait for Black Friday ?
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If you would prefer to wait for an offer from a French merchant site (like Fnac for example to use a gift certificate), I recommend that you wait until the end of November and the famous Black Friday weekend where all the consoles will be on discount.

This day is the most important day of the year in terms of good plans and discounts . If you can wait till then, I highly recommend you do not miss this day. All the offers will be relayed live on Twitter and it will be fast and get up early in the morning to not miss the best discounts;) (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 My GM Tips: 30 Franchise-Saving Trades You Must Make

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The current year’s release of MyGM might be fairly baffling, yet that doesn’t mean the mode ought to be evaded no matter what. Indeed it requires mental planning and a great deal of tolerance to appreciate, however once you can figure out how to overlook the new group proprietor and his irritating child, it’s as good as can be expected. What’s more, if the two are excessively for you, there’s dependably MyLeague.

In any case, since when did an interfering proprietor prevent an eager GM from building a fruitful games group, isn’t that so?

Seen that way, MyGM turns into a test that must be acknowledged, on the grounds that on the off chance that you won’t meddle, the team will destroy your cherished establishment. The best way to demonstrate them wrong is to enhance your group and make a keep running for the title. (welcome to to buy BUY cheap nba 2k18 MT, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The issue with a few groups is that one exchange doesn’t really transform them into contenders at this moment. For some it may take two-three seasons to reconstruct, yet that one exchange is the start of correcting the ship; making the jump from great to extraordinary.

The exchanges here rely upon group needs: One group needs top space, the other more youthful players keeping in mind the end goal to stay aggressive. Each exchange here addresses a particular issue, confronting a particular group. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

L1 – FIFA 18: Dimitri Payet stronger than … Kylian Mbappé

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EA Sports unveiled the Top 30 of the best players of Ligue 1 on the new video game FIFA 18. And some surprises await you.
After a Top 100 of the best players on the new football simulation game FIFA 18, which has booked a few surprises (Patrice Evra being better noted than Benjamin Mendy for example), EA Sports unveiled a ranking specially dedicated to Ligue 1. In this top 30 is Brazilian Neymar who scored first place in the rankings with a score of 92. His teammates of the PSG complete the podium with Thiago Silva in second place and Edinson Cavani in third place. So far so good. When we decorate this ranking, a few surprises jump to our eyes and especially the place occupied by Kylian Mbappé. Only 20th of the rankings (score 83) behind Dimitri Payet, Wesley Sneijder or Loïc Perrin. This new opus of FIFA (released on 29 September) has not finished surprising you …


Gloomy Deeds: The 5 most cruel quests in World of Warcraft

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We’ll tell you which quests are particularly cruel in World of Warcraft . In some WoW quest, the heroes make their hands dirty. Because in the comic world of Azeroth is so much morally reprehensible …

The number of World of Warcraft quests is unmanageable. But with the thousands of missions that are now being fulfilled in Azeroth, we are not always the most radiant hero. Often our character is exploited and so many times you ask yourself at the end of a quest: Was I here just the evil? We want to illuminate a handful of these quest lines.

Surely you could add every second kill quest to this list if you put it on it. After all, we are going through the world and are being prompted at almost every corner to extinguish any tribe or village.

But there are some quests, which are especially remembered by their content and their moral dubiousness. We present you the top 5 most cruel quests in World of Warcraft.

Do the right thing

Since World Warcraft, many areas of the classical world have changed since cataclysm. The territory of the Hügellande , which had previously been wiped out by war, is now almost completely under the control of the horde, who are launching various projects here. The mines of humans are plundered and bears infected with spiders, which put their eggs in the purulent wounds, so that the spiders afterwards can be collected from the carcasses.

But all this fades in comparison to the Schlickfelder, a large camp of the abandoned, which spans some farms and now serves as a testing ground for the experiments of a crazy undead.

The atmosphere within the walls is oppressive: some people see similarity to a concentration camp in the camp of the Forsaken.

In the course of the quest series, a new questor will light up – a shovel. This starts the mission of doing the right thing with the following words:

“There is a terrible sight to you. Someone has buried all the people up to their necks, so they look as if they were planted. The ghouls, who seem to cultivate this field of human seedlings, regularly jump to the nearest human being and eat their heads!

You can end this here and now. Take this shovel and “save” the people.

Do the right thing. ”

And “the right thing” is in this case, the people with the shovel to dabeln. Whoever wants to, can free the people, who then run away. But what if you as a horde player is really not interested in running people? Well … then there is an alternative. If you want, people can also simply head with the shovel.

Horrible? In any case. Morally reprehensible? … perhaps from an alliance perspective. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Yahoo Daily Fantasy Football Week 3: Lineup picks, advice for tournaments

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Sometimes, NFL teams just have to take a shot downfield, and we’re taking a few shots with our Week 3 lineup for Yahoo daily fantasy football tournaments. Our central strategy revolves around a Cowboys stack and some value players who might be written off by the NFL DFS masses after a poor week.

And before your wrinkle your nose too much at our picks, just remember that last week’s perfect DraftKings lineup had several surprises in it, including J.J. Nelson and the Buccaneers defense.

When it comes to trying to take down a big GPP tournament, don’t be afraid to go off the board and leave money on the table.

Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker

Yahoo Daily Fantasy Football Week 3: GPP lineup picks
QB: Dak Prescott, Cowboys at Cardinals ($35). Prescott and the Cowboys are coming off a poor game, but he still put up decent numbers. We’re banking on the public being scared off by his slow start and his sore ankle. We’ll take the chance against a Cardinals team allowing the fourth-most fantasy points per game (FPPG) to quarterbacks.

RB: Lamar Miller, Texans at Patriots ($22). Miller has rookie D’Onta Foreman breathing down his neck for playing time — something everyone saw last Thursday night. Good. Our theory is that Foreman only saw so many carries because of the quick turnaround after Week 1. With 11 days to rest up for this game, Miller should see more touches, and against the Pats, who are allowing a league-leading 6.0 yards per carry, that could translate to big things. New England has also had trouble with receiving backs, and Miller has had at least 26 receiving yards in each of the first two games.

RB: Joe Mixon, Bengals at Packers ($14). It’s really bad to start 0-3 in the NFL, and the Bengals, who have yet to score a touchdown this year, are faced with that reality. Marvin Lewis might very well be coaching for his job. When your back is against the wall, what do you do? You get the ball to your best playmakers. Mixon has done little this year, but he’s likely Cincinnati’s most talented back, and even though he’s been surprisingly silent in the receiving game, he’s led Cincinnati in carries in each of the first two games. We’re guessing he puts it all together this week in a game where the Bengals will have to keep their foot on the gas pedal for 60 minutes.

WEEK 3 DFS: DraftKings cash lineup | Lineup builder

WR: Dez Bryant, Cowboys at Cardinals ($31). Arizona was among the worst teams at covering wide receivers last year, and it’s carried over to this season. The Cardinals have allowed the sixth-most FPPG to WRs (26.5) despite having faced the Colts in one of their two outings. Bryant and Prescott don’t always look like they’re on the same page, but this is a good spot to stack them.

WR: Devin Funchess, Panthers vs. Saints ($14). Picking on the Saints is almost too easy at this point, but many will attack this game by going with Kelvin Benjamin or one of Carolina’s RBs. We’ll go the value route with Funchess, who stands to see an uptick in targets, particularly red-zone targets, with Greg Olsen out.

WR: Kenny Golladay, Lions vs. Falcons ($18). Golladay was a complete non-factor in the Lions Week 2 win in New York, catching one of three targets for eight yards. Many in DFS contests are likely jumping off the bandwagon, but Golladay is still just as likely as anyone in the Lions’ receiving corps to score in a given week. Detroit will have to put the ball in the end zone to keep up with Falcons, and with Vic Beasley (hamstring) out, Matthew Stafford will have more time to set up deep shots downfield to the rookie.

TE: Jack Doyle, Colts vs. Browns ($17). When it comes to covering tight ends, the Browns simply can’t do it. Couldn’t do it last year (league-leading 11.3 FPPG allowed), can’t do it this year (14.2 FPPG allowed). Doyle received eight targets last week, racking up 79 yards against a Cardinals’ defense that typical defends TEs well. Jacoby Brissett will once again key in on Doyle, who should be open all day.

FLEX: Jarvis Landry, Dolphins at Jets ($23). This might be a trap, but after a 13-catch, 15-target season debut, Landry feels almost automatic in this half-point PPR format, especially against the Jets. Even in tournaments, you need players with high floors, and Landry should provide that. Ameer Abdullah ($19) and Theo Riddick ($18) are strong considerations here, as Atlanta has been among the worst teams in the NFL at covering backs as receivers since the beginning of last year.

D/ST: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Giants ($17). There are plenty of good D/ST choices this week, with the Steelers likely being the most chalky since the London-bound Ravens aren’t available in many contests. Philadelphia isn’t exactly safe, but they’re a big-play unit that should do well at home against a reeling Giants team. Eli Manning is always capable of popping up for a big game, but he looks like a statue in the pocket, and given New York’s offensive line woes, that should lead to opportunities for the Eagles.
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Boston Celtics on NBA 2K18: Building the best lineup to beat the (virtual) Los Angeles Lakers

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The popular video game franchise NBA 2K put out its 2017-18 release for general consumption on Tuesday. This year’s edition will feature the option to play as an All-Time team, where 2K builds your favorite squad’s best possible lineup from the organization’s legendary players.

Alex Kennedy ✔@AlexKennedyNBA
#NBA2K18 allows you to play with All-Time NBA Teams. (Surprisingly, the Bulls didn’t crack the top 5). Here are the best teams in the game:
10:03 PM – Sep 19, 2017
1 1 Reply 7 7 Retweets 18 18 likes
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As you might imagine, the two franchises with the most championships in NBA history have the two best All-Time composite scores.
The Los Angeles Lakers are on top of the heap, with a 92.53. The Celtics are just behind with a 92.48, so two relatively talented 2K gamers could play a competitive game with the various rosters.
But did 2K build the best possible Celtics lineup? I would argue no. Here’s how I would have done it, with an eye on taking down the Lakers.

PiMP Lee @_VintageLee
.@NBA2K out now!! Boston on the cover and on the soundtrack. Yerrrrr @celtics @KyrieIrving ⛹🏽‍♀️#HTP
1:27 AM – Sep 19, 2017
31 31 Replies 481 481 Retweets 1,395 1,395 likes
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The Rosters
Let’s start with a closer look at how 2K chose its teams.

The Lakers
First, the competition: The Lakers are big and talented. Shaq is a powerhouse in 2K — good luck stopping him with any big man in Celtics history if he gets the ball in the post. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is out of position, but he’s a problem as well for smaller opponents.
That said, there are some real flaws with this Lakers squad — limited shooting, too many bigs, and a bench that doesn’t run as deep as Boston’s.
C: Shaquille O’Neal
PF: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
SF: Kobe Bryant
SG: Jerry West
PG: Magic Johnson
BENCH: Elgin Baylor, James Worthy, George Mikan, Pau Gasol, Wilt Chamberlain, Gail Goodrich, Jamaal Wilkes, Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, Derek Fisher.
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The Celtics
Boston, meanwhile, has a relatively modern lineup: Bird is a perfect power forward for the 2017-18 game, and bringing players like Ray Allen and Isaiah Thomas off the bench would add a scoring punch.
Still, plenty of improvements could be made.
C: Bill Russell
PF: Larry Bird
SF: Paul Pierce
SG: John Havlicek
PG: Bob Cousy
Kevin McHale, Dave Cowens, Robert Parish, Sam Jones, Kevin Garnett, Isaiah Thomas, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen.
Without further ado, here are the improvements. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Assigning FIFA Card Ratings to 21st Century Barcelona Legends


It’s that time again: FIFA 18 is ready to take over the focus of fans across the globe, and one of the most playable sides in the game—Barcelona—are sure to be favourite picks for many once again.

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There’s no secret why so many choose to operate with the Camp Nou side: top-tier talent, lots of pace in attack, good depth to choose from and a certain Lionel Messi—the second-highest rated player on the newest iteration of the game.

For Barca fans in particular, this latest version of FIFA might be the best timed of all: Unrest over transfer activity in the summer can be sorted to each supporter’s wants, while the recent injury to record signing Ousmane Dembele can be overcome by delving into the market for a replacement.

But what if they could turn to former greats to fill the voids?

Barcelona’s captain defender Carles Puyol celebrates after scoring during the Spanish league football match against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on December 13, 2008. AFP PHOTO/PHILIPPE DESMAZES (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE
That can already be done in part, with legends such as Luis Figo, Hristo Stoichkov and Carles Puyol all having their own Legends cards. Gary Lineker, Michael Laudrup, Gheorghe Hagi and Jari Litmanen are other former players who have had the same honour bestowed upon them.

This year, the FUT ICONS cards take over, including appearances for Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Diego Maradona—but at Barcelona, there are always more stars who deserve a mention, more greats of the past who supporters would like to restore to the team.

Here, we’ve curated those who might be of particular interest to supporters and rated them in accordance with other former greats listed on the game.

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Pep Guardiola (Overall rating: 89)

17 Feb 2001: Josep Guardiola of Barcelona shields the ball from Emerson of Deportivo during the Primera Liga match between Barcelona and Deportivo La Coruna played at the Nou Camp, Barcelona. Mandatory Credit: Firo Photo/ALLSPORT
Firo Foto/Getty Images
Now regarded as a managerial legend, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Pep Guardiola was one of the finest holding midfielders in Europe.

He departed Barcelona for Italy just after the turn of the century after coming through the ranks at the La Masia academy, having captained the first team and won six La Liga titles along the way.

His role then was the same as Sergio Busquets’ is now: defensive protector, metronomic passer from deep and orchestrator of those around him.

FIFA card rating

Pace: 64 Dribbling: 79
Shooting: 54 Defending: 86
Passing: 92 Physical: 78
Guardiola’s passing was sublime, both over short distance and long range, as he sought to get his team on the front foot while rarely giving up possession.

He didn’t score many—a dozen goals in over a decade at Barcelona—but his ability to sit and shield the back line and initiate play from deep was almost unsurpassed.

For those fans looking to find the successor to the Xavi-Andres Iniesta partnership and return Barcelona to their dominant midfield displays of old, bringing back the man whose style inspired their own would be appealing.

Rivaldo (Overall rating: 91)

23 Oct 2001: Rivaldo of Barcelona takes on Claudio Cacapa of Lyon (left) during the UEFA Champions League match between Olympic Lyonnais and Barcelona played at the Stade de Gerland in Lyon, France. Barcelona won the match 2 – 1. \ Mandatory Credit: Jam
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images
Rivaldo was Barca’s biggest attacking star across the turn of the century, and at times he had to haul the club to victory himself.

His all-round offensive threat was in equal parts majestic and brutal: a powerful figure who could hold off defenders when needed, but one who also had that innate unpredictability to find space or invention where no other player could.

FIFA card rating

Pace: 85 Dribbling: 86
Shooting: 89 Defending: 34
Passing: 81 Physical: 73
Using the Brazilian on FIFA would be an exercise in mirror-imaging Cristiano Ronaldo of a few years previous: cutting in off the right with explosive power and unleashing a left-footed shot of magnificent force from range.

Capable of playing across the attacking line—even as a second forward himself—Rivaldo possessed so many traits to his game that lovers of dribbling, a passing buildup or the need for speed would all find great service from the former No. 10.

Victor Valdes (Overall rating: 86)

Barcelona´s goalkeeper Victor Valdes celebrates at the end of the Champions League Cup match against Manchester United on May 27, 2009 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Barcelona defeated Manchester United 2-0 in the final of the UEFA football Champions Le
Not too many goalkeepers make the grade, but Victor Valdes was such an integral part of a successful Barcelona side that he would have to be a consideration.

The former Spain international was the instigator of many Barca attacks—or at least periods of dominating possession—with his willingness to play out from the back, pass short to his defenders even when under pressure and his capacity to take the ball from them and redistribute when they were pressed.

FIFA card rating

Diving: 79 Reflexes: 88
Handling: 82 Speed: 56
Kicking: 91 Position: 79
There were shortcomings with his style, particularly off set pieces towards the near post or claiming high crosses, but these faded into irrelevance more often than not given what he brought to the team elsewhere.

Valdes’ reflexes and shot-stopping ability were prominent attributes, and the fact he was La Masia-trained also lent itself to his popularity.

Phillip Cocu (Overall rating: 88)

BARCELONA – NOVEMBER 9, 2002: Philip Cocu of Barcelona in action during the Primera Liga match between FC Barcelona and Villarreal CF, played at the Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona, Spain on November 9, 2002 (Photo by Firo Foto/Getty Images).
Getty Images/Getty Images
Dutch legend Phillip Cocu was an integral part of the Barcelona team across the end of Guardiola’s time as a player, right up to 2004 when he returned to his homeland with PSV Eindhoven.

A classy performer who was comprised of equal parts intelligence on the ball and defensive resilience, Cocu was just as happy striding forward to impart his creative side in the attacking third as he was chasing back to break up opposition play.

FIFA card rating

Pace: 78 Dribbling: 65
Shooting: 72 Defending: 87
Passing: 86 Physical: 80
One of those all-rounders who would fit into any midfield style, Cocu could adapt to shine alongside different team-mates—an appealing trait on FIFA that would allow either a more offensive-minded partner in the centre or to switch up formations.

There were goals in his game, too, which led to Cocu featuring on the wing at times—though speed was never regarded as his best attribute.

Ludovic Giuly (Overall rating: 86)

Barcelona, SPAIN: Barcelona’s Ludovic Giuly controls the ball during a Spanish league football match against Real Sociedad at the Nou Camp stadium in Barcelona, 09 December 2006. AFP PHOTO/LLUIS GENE (Photo credit should read LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Image
LLUIS GENE/Getty Images
It seems difficult to believe but there was life on the right wing at Barcelona before Messi came along, in the shape of Ludovic Giuly.

A French winger who had incredible pace and close control on the run, Giuly formed part of the attacking trident alongside Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho as the Camp Nou side won the 2006 Champions League under Frank Rijkaard.

FIFA card rating

Pace: 88 Dribbling: 89
Shooting: 77 Defending: 56
Passing: 78 Physical: 62
It’s not tricky to spot why he would be a favourite on FIFA: great speed, the ability to beat defenders one-on-one and a knack for scoring plenty of goals, at least in the first half of his career, make him a well-rounded wide attacking threat.

Giuly would go on to lose his place to Messi’s emergence, but that’s hardly a put-down on the winger.

Eric Abidal (Overall rating: 87)

MILAN, ITALY – NOVEMBER 23: Eric Abidal of FC Barcelona in action during the UEFA Champions League group H match between AC Milan and FC Barcelona at Giuseppe Meazza Stadium on November 23, 2011 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images
Finally, we come to left-back Eric Abidal, the French defender who served Barcelona for several seasons under Guardiola and even returned to playing for the side after surgery on a liver tumour.

In his prime he was a fleet-footed and powerful full-back. He wasn’t always the most graceful in possession, but he was rock solid defensively and more than capable of playing centrally when needed.

FIFA card rating

Pace: 81 Dribbling: 69
Shooting: 58 Defending: 86
Passing: 68 Physical: 89
Abidal was happy to get forward and support the front three, overlapping thanks to his great pace rather than dribbling ability, but his aerial prowess also made him useful in the box in both offensive and defensive situations.

He left Barcelona in 2013 after winning four La Liga titles and two Champions League medals, but he’s perhaps most fondly remembered for his refusal to admit defeat—on the pitch and off it. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)