FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (22)

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lay far corner

Whether it is facing the goalkeeper or goalkeeper as the goalkeeper, playing far corner is your best choice.

Reach the restricted area, and then push your left joystick to the far corner.

Push the left joystick angle is very the ball feel, when you face the door frame, the most choice of the left rocker ↖ (about ± 45 ° is enough), if you open the “shooting angle assistance”, then the left rocker Angle can be too large that no harm.

Try to try a few feet, choose the most suitable for your shot position.

Also shot near the post is also a good choice, but the goalkeeper will often close the pillar, so it is recommended that we play far corner.

Sudden use of cold arrows

“FIFA” than the “PES” in the case of a defensive player block, your shot will be seriously affected, ranging from the ball to bias; then, the ball was completely intercepted.

In order to prevent the interference of the situation, in the moment of the shot, you have to act decisively, must be enough ruthless, in order to complete a record deadly shot.

Suddenly Leng Leng has two basic operations, one horizontal wave immediately hit the door, the second is the ball immediately hit the door.

Both are in the non-complete breakthrough in the other line of defense, but also in the other line of defense is not deployed to tighten the situation to start shooting.

These two ways to shoot in fact a lot of people understand, especially in reality to play the readers. But the game is different, you do not look to play a game only need to gently move your fingers to deal with clean, in the game, you may be due to make some fancy trick action, will make your operation feel become muddy water.

When the game player to complete the extraordinary, you have a trace of a pause, then the defensive player is easy to come around.

At this time, to fix this “man-made” delay, you need to make sure that your actions are the trick you want to do.

(In fact, there are a lot of players in the FIFA inside to do the action, but often they do not know what action the players will make, but do not know the player to complete the action after the orientation, casually shot will only lead to Serious shot error)

At the end of the operation, the player’s action is often not over, at the same time you can press the B key, so that players can complete a set of actions after the end of the fight door.

The second case than the horizontal wave of the way to immediately hit the door to be simple, that is, the ball directly to the ball player, and then complete the fight door.

Although it is simple, but this way of shooting, generally do not have much effort, in order to make up for this, you can consider the use of straight plug ball as a simple cross or use the ball to increase the shot of the shot speed.

Long shots

When you go to the gourd to the top of the ball, this time there is no defensive player in your range of 2 meters, you can play a long shot.

Long shot to tell the truth, really “very casual” on the line, and its free place is that without too much effort and perspective.

You only need to control the control of good 10% to 70% or so is enough, of course, the greater the better strength, so you can raise the bottom of the eye (cross bar)

And the angle as long as you run a little bit different from the direction you can, because the AI ​​goalkeeper will usually block your running direction, and long shot after the ball flying angle will increase, a slight angle offset can play a good angle , As long as not the goalkeeper shot can be.

Long-range, the role of the essence is to frighten each other’s defense, and that is to seek a “lucky” opportunity, in the other goalkeeper saved long-range when your striker players can fill.

Lob shot

If you try to lob a shot, the narration will often say, “goalkeeper hate lob shot.” In other words, AI goalkeeper has long been strict control of the lob, whenever you resorted to lobs, they are sure to block the ball out of the box outside the scope.

Lob this trick to tell the truth, it would be better to push the far corner.

Since there is a lob, there is the meaning of its existence. When the other goalkeeper welcome, or seriously dislocation, for example, is deliberately standing in the near column, you can display lob shot. In addition you can also observe the goalkeeper’s action, if he is on his feet, seems to be going to block the low, then you can choose lob, which is playing him out of surprise.

Latching will draw a wonderful parabola in the sky, which requires you to know when you are shooting clear the distance between you and the goalkeeper, the distance between the goalkeeper and the door frame, and your shooting efforts.

I used to be the restricted area to choose 50% of the intensity of the lob shot, the restricted area is 90% of the intensity of the restricted area line is nearly 100% of the lap intensity. What is the specific strength, the key is to see the feeling at that time (that is, the two mentioned above).

Free kick

This generation of free kick than the previous generations are much more difficult, the key is that many players have learned to row when the wall by RB key, people wall forward tilt.

You hit the light intensity of the door, you will find the distance is not enough, easy to be wall down, if you choose to volley, and easy to fly. So the strength of the master is very elegant.

To take a free kick, first of course, to choose a free thrower, the proposal is to choose a left foot will (this is a bit subjective factors, the author has always felt with the left foot shot, the angle will choose a little more), followed by this The player’s shot at 85 or more, so you can ensure that the shot out of the ball fast enough.

Then teach you two free kicks.

Close, that is, gourd near the proposal is light intensity, probably a little more than a grid of intensity, and then slightly adjust the angle, biased in the far column, to ensure that the free throws players look at the front, the line of sight in the door frame, if beyond Easy to bias, this time the basic can be punished with the quality of the free kick.

If there is a free kick between the middle circle and the gourd, it is advisable to use the fallen leaves of Cronado (C Ronaldo), which does not care about the way, only the intensity and the way to hit the door.

This way of free throw to go to 80% to 90%, do not worry that the free throw will fly, because press the B key at the same time, you also need to hold down the RB button, which is to keep the ball down (not flying) The

In fact, this method is the ball of FIFA official teaching, although I often shoot beautiful leaves, but in the game which has not been a ball (I learned from FIFA14 this move) … so this move is greater than the practical significance of the study use.

Own goals

“FIFA” players to capture very real, it depends on the frost engine accumulated years of experience, but the system there are some “funny” problem.

That is the other goalkeeper and guard between the prone to “mechanical” mistakes, it is easy to cause a conceded.

So “unreasonable”, kicked furious on the right. This oolong ball, no skill at all, all look at your luck.

Often you play 10 races, there may be oolong ball, so remember boldly cast. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (8)

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Formation tactics

Commonly used formation

Players first take their own team based on the original formation, combined with your own play, as well as the players to choose formation.

In general, one is around the play to choose formation, the second is around the core players choose formation.

The following provides a few basic form of the introduction for the player reference (some of the more popular side of the formation, such as 4-1-2-1-2 this type, not to introduce, because most of them are only some of the basic formation of a slight deformation ).

4-2-3-1: 4-2-3-1 The biggest change is to resort to double midfielder, which can enhance the team’s defense. In addition, in the attack, this formation there is a big change.

Such as three offensive avant-garde, can be parallel to the station, but also with the striker to form a diamond, which is mainly to see the coach’s arrangements. But in the past two years, with the 4-3-3 formation of the recovery, 4-2-3-1 become no longer popular, but there are still some teams insist on using 4-2-3-1.

This is the overall demand for a high formation. Double waist enhanced defense, while offensive and defensive there are many changes, if the ability to grasp the opportunity to strong front, you can make the opponent very hard to prevent.

4-5-1: 4-5-1 In previous years, international football is very popular, of course, the use of this formation of the team most of the team is not strong.

4-5-1 for counterattack, this formation of forward forward need to have a faster speed, as well as excellent foot technology. And in the midfield of the five players, not the so-called diamond-shaped station; a few years ago 4-5-1, in the midfield only set a midfielder and midfielder, more players wandering in the sidewalk.

But the latest 4-5-1, in the midfield set up two midfielder, while the two staff side wing. Another person is not the so-called front waist, his flexibility is greater, but requires a wide field of vision and excellent footwork.

4-1-4-1 formation in the midfield set a midfielder, two in the avant-garde and two side avant-garde, although the surface of the 451 branch formation, but in fact 433 formation deformation, mainly 433 two The frontier back to the avant-garde position. In today’s football world, 4141 formation is often used by many coaches. 4141 formation is a surface looks very “heavy attack light” shape, because many people take him with the 4231 formation compared to feel that this formation and the difference between the 4231 is a front waist forward to the front waist, and formation naturally “Heavy attack light” the.

In fact, 4141 formation is a very flexible formation, midfielder three people have their own division, the lower back mainly assume defensive tasks, the role of some “scavenger” or “beast waist” as.

Today’s football world in the emphasis on the basis of the ball also focused on the attack before the attack speed, and many coaches in the use of 4141 formation often make the team into a slow state of the front of the state, too much attention to the ball and lost Attack speed, which requires coaches in the use of this formation need to pay attention to, if the problem is resolved, 4141 formation will release his greatest potential.

4-4-1-1: 4-4-1-1 is actually a deformation of 4-4-2 and 4-5-1, or both of them will often switch back and forth.

4-4-1-1 good at straight to the edge of the impact, but also good at creating a solid line of defense. Striker need to have the ability to fight the body of the players to help the team in the field before the air advantage, and then a direct threat to the opponent line of defense.

When the team return visit, this array will easily switch to 4-5-1, to strengthen the midfield of the intercept. This formation in the game can freely transform formation, naturally able to make the whole team to adapt to the opponent’s various play.

Use this formation, be sure to increase the number of short pass, long pass, the number of passes, once the number of passes increased, you will find this formation easy to use, because you create a wide range of opportunities for the region

4-4-2: 442 is a form of football, using four guards, four midfielder and two striker play. Two side guards plus a haunt with the man scavenger as a defense (scavenger is not necessary);

Using double waist or single back with two or three midfield, plus two striker play. The best use of the formation is AC Milan and England team. Is currently the world’s most mainstream, the most widely used modern football formation.

This formation was widely used by British and Italian teams. It is characterized by the avant-garde line and the connection between the guard line is very close, is conducive to contraction defense, forward line in the distance between the front line is relatively large, is not conducive to ground transmission with the attack.

The Italian because of good defensive play against it; Britain use it, because the British football technology is generally rough, often take long-range urgent attack, do not care too much forward contact with the avant-garde.

4-3-1-2: 4-3-1-2 and other tactics is the key difference between the three waist, is to give up the wing, locked in the middle, in front of 12 or 21 is not big difference.

Three waist is the core of the waist position to have the ability to pass, by pulling the other side of the defense line, to the front players to create tactical space.

But this formation is relatively outdated, but also has a high demand for the striker, the two basically do not defensive forward, on the backcourt will cause a lot of pressure. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Royal warfare aircraft election card challenge presentation sharing

 Clash royale aircraft election card challenge presentation sharing

” Clash royale ” recent focus activities, “aircraft election card challenge” will be officially opened. By participating in this event, players have the opportunity to unlock and get the new card in advance. Here to give you some important tips on this activity:

  1, the first time to participate in this challenge will be free, but then participate will be paid every time 100 gems.

  2, this time for the single card challenge, both sides are the opportunity to get the aircraft to participate in the battle!

  3, the challenge process can collect a one-time award, unlock this card in advance !

  4, a single challenge with a milestone award, respectively, corresponding to win 2 games, 4 games, 6 games, 9 games, 12 games, a total of 5 files reward, each file reward can only be received once.  

  In the challenge to get 12 victories, you can get 110 new aircraft card, and can immediately unlock in advance, in the October 6 can also be used before the card group .  

  5, in addition to milestone awards, as well as wins reward, which is based on the player to win the game, corresponding to provide gold and white card. 

Enjoy the best soccer games for Android

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Enjoy the best soccer games for Android
If you like football, there is no better way to enjoy it than through the fantastic soccer games for Android, an amazing collection that comes this year with a lot of alternatives and very interesting news
During free time, our smartphones can be fantastic support to entertain us and even learn new and interesting things, and in that sense we want to recommend some of the best football games for Android, four alternatives that put at our disposal four perspectives different when it comes to enjoying the sport king in our portable devices.

Head Soccer La Liga

Undoubtedly one of the essential that we recommend you try on your devices, putting at your disposal a kind of fun game from the perspective that you must select a player with the goal of getting it evolve and achieve sports success.

Best of all is the fact that you will have the possibility to choose between real players, that is to say, it is not a question of creating a hypothetical player, but you can make use of all your skills to improve the results of that player who both like.

Now you can download the file Head Soccer APK League with which to install the game on your devices.

Dream League Soccer 2017

Undoubtedly this is another of the alternatives also very interesting since in this case we will put ourselves in front of our favorite team with the objective of making all the changes and necessary steps to take it to the top of the league.

We have at our disposal a lot of stars among which we can choose to make contracts, and even we will also have the possibility to grow our stadium to increase the possibilities and services to the attendees.

In short, it is a game in which we have to manage our favorite team and all this we can do with just getting the file Dream League Soccer 2017 APK.

PES 2017

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Android football games on the market, which comes with a new delivery that guarantees a very interesting durability, as well as a prominent realism when it comes to enjoying the best encounters.

A fantastic option for all those who give less importance to the management of the team and seek to deepen more in the tactics and, ultimately, the field of play, and to have at your disposal the best encounters of the moment, only you have to get the installation file PES 2017 APK through which we can have at our disposal the access that will allow us to live some of the most intense sporting experiences of the moment.

FIFA Mobile

It is clear that, with the three games mentioned above, you will have at your disposal a lot of options that are developed according to the different tastes, from the complete management of the club to the management of a certain player or the management during the meetings, but if what you are looking for is something that basically one of the three offers of the previous games, then FIFA Mobile is undoubtedly the most recommended option.

All we need is the Fifa Mobile APK file and from the first minute we can start to create and manage our own team, having at our disposal a lot of content that will be renewed day after day with the aim of making our exciting and interesting matches.

In short, we have the possibility to find Android football games for all tastes, all of them very well adapted and perfectly developed with the objective of satisfying all our sports needs at any time and place, of course also counting on fantastic alternatives and possibilities new that every day will appear, which guarantees the mobility and prevents that they end up turning into monotonous games. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Clash Royale Update October 2017: all news

clash royale gems
Supercell has just released a great update of Clash Royale that comes loaded with news, so many that the study says that this is the biggest update that has experienced so far this game for mobile .

In version 2.0 of Clash Royale have implemented all kinds of improvements, both graphics and gameplay, as well as new balance adjustments of cards, missions and new game modes. With this move, Supercell gives new impetus to the popular game for iOS and Android , especially thanks to the inclusion of new challenges beyond tournament events and the clan chest. Here we tell you all the news.

Adjustments in card balance
Sparks: Attack speed has gone from 5 to 4 seconds and damage has decreased by 15%. It will not end with another Spark of a spark.
Tesla Tower : Increases damage by 41% and your attack speed increases from 0.8 to 1 sec. He’ll kill the minions and the goblins with one shot.
Electric Magician : Reduces damage by 4% and his first attack starts 0.2sg slower.
Cemetery: increases its duration from 9 to 10 sg and reduces its radius from 5 to 4. The first skeleton appears 0.5 sg later and will not appear so randomly.
Cannon with wheels : 5% more life and duration of the shield. Thanks to this, the shield will survive the jump and the blow of the megacaballero.
Lightning : its damage is reduced by 3% and the radius increases from 3.5 to 3.
Goblin with spear : Attack speed increases from 1.3 to 1.1 sg.
Valkyrie : Increases your damage by 5%.
Tips and tricks for fast level climbing in Clash Royale
New missions and game modes
The new version of Clash Royale brings with it new daily and weekly quests that will allow you to get great rewards, which include both super-magic and legendary cops. You can access them through the Missions button that you will find in the Battle screen . Here you have the possibility to win gifts of daily access and you will see the different challenges that you will have to face in order to get the rewards.
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Clash Royale Update
On the other hand, the Clash Royale update also introduces us to new game modes. Among them we find the battles Touchdown , a new game mechanic in which there are no towers. Also includes the new Gold Fever and Gem Fever events , which allow you to gain more gold and gems when you destroy the towers.

On the other hand, to optimize the battles 2c2 Supercell has included a chat so you can communicate with your partner, as well as the possibility to request a match of revenge. In addition, now in the double deck battles the two players will have the same decks, and there are implemented challenges of all kinds that are unlocked in level 5.

7.3 Collection of Raiders Keluo Kuen herbs stripping route summary and regional graphic

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The world of Argus is filled with various materials that are very different from those of Azeroth, with new materials appearing in herbs, mining and peeling.

  Although the current prospects of various materials still exist variables, but herbs and stripping professional professional appeared a small pet.

  With this alone, it is enough to let the pet lovers themselves involved in herbs and peeling industry, let go of some.

  After the successful start of the pet, hereby and we share some experience in the picking and peeling of Agus.

  Map selection: Crowe Kuhn


  Glove Enchanting: Legion Herbs / Tauren characters (the main stripping can be attached to the magic army stripping).

  Mounted: Flying Magic / Mechanized Wood Collector / Druid.

  Auxiliary: Tank talent role / Purui Dazi orange necklace / leather saddle and so on.

  The main task: it is recommended to carry out at least the main line mission to the Antoran waste, unlock the herbs and stripping the stars to obtain and the skills of the Light ruler to improve the efficiency of the collection (this will also open the vast majority of the two plans of the world, Efficient construction of small army).

  The basic acquisition route is shown below:

  Seeds analysis:

  AB: dark gorge section

  Pesticide points are mainly distributed in the road on both sides of the shadow leopard gathering area, in the glove enchanting and anti-halo of the auxiliary, you can not dismount to complete the collection.

  In addition, the region’s shadow leopard can be divided into two waves, concentrated to eliminate, and then stripping. Concentrated peeling point as shown in Figure 2 red dot position shown.

  BC: Naslaws fortress section

  This section of the drug point is not much, mainly in the vicinity of the road, you can quickly through.

  CD: Anne Hyland pool

  This section of the main road almost no drug points.

  High-installed players can choose from the path into the Anne Hyland pool area, where the distribution of a number of herbal points. But because of the monster density here, and a small amount of monsters with slowdown skills, need to consume a certain amount of blood, please choose the line.

  D: Petrochemical Forest Area (DGEFGD)

  Petrochemical forest area is relatively concentrated. At the same time the northern part of the region also gathered a large number of shadow leopard, suitable for centralized elimination, for skinning. Concentrated peeling point as shown in Figure 2 red dot position shown.

  DA: Broken wild section

  This section is mainly distributed in the vicinity of the road, high equipment and other collection number can consider the lower side of the branch line (subject to fall damage and monster damage), poorly equipped trumpet can be directly along the main road collection, while using this The section naturally restored the amount of blood lost in the petrochemical forest area.

  Peeling area analysis:

  A: Broken wild area

  There are also a number of recipe points in this area, but individuals are not advised to go deep into the area.

  The reason is as follows: the area of ​​monster-intensive, it is easy to interrupt the reading of the article, at the same time, most of these monsters with slowing skills, affecting the efficiency of the collection will also cause life threats.

  B: Narova area

  The region, as the name suggests, entrenched the noble beauty of Argus, falling the eggs of the eggs of Nalova. The presence of this star plus the depths of the area may refresh the invasion point, resulting in the way along the mining point is often easy to go empty.

  At the same time, although the region is also a considerable number of distribution of the shadow of the leopard, the same will be implicated because of the loss of Narva.

  In the conventional case, it is recommended to ignore the area in the drug route, but if the main stripping, the area is still worth concentrating peeling.

  C: Anne Hyland pool area

  High equipment and other herbs.

  D: petrochemical forest area

  Herbs and stripping of the key areas.

  A small pet produced in the course of Argus, herbs and peeling can be seen as an extra surprise, an auction or a gift.

  Crowe Kuhn’s herbs and stripping routes and areas for everyone to analyze here, personal shallow, it is inevitable that there are omissions.

  Finally, I wish you a happy collection ~ (Click to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

“NBA 2K18 hand tour” in October on the line to play on the dual platform to play the ultimate

 Basketball is considered most people like sports, boys like to play, girls like to see, in addition to a variety of young youth idol drama romantic plot, the most impressive impression of basketball or to the number of NBA games The How many basketball stars in this game, but also how many young people carrying the dream.

  ”NBA2K” series of basketball games every year will be new, usually in September on-line new game, and this year’s September is about to end, “NBA2K18” after landing in the major host and NS platform, Also look to the mobile phone platform.

  In the previous series, the game’s main play is still playing basketball, but in this time “NBA2K18” has a new idea. The game added a “neighborhood model”, this model changed to the past limited to the basketball court settings, players can walk out of the stadium, with other basketball enthusiasts to communicate, practice, walk, etc., and even you can Invites each other to go home to watch TV to play games! This social model has received a lot of players praise, but suffer from the model is still a lot of BUG has not yet been repaired, so the upcoming mobile phone version does not retain this play.

  But other models have reservations, there is no dissatisfaction with the. Including 30 teams from the team’s strongest players, as well as brilliant career, dynasty model, fast competition and street games four models. Quality and feel on the optimization although there is no dazzling progress, but a year a footprint, 2K series of hand travel version also go more stable down.

  It is reported that the hand tour will be in October with the players to meet, as the annual play basketball game, we might as well look forward to what kind of mobile phone will be a pleasant surprise.

IFA18 graphics Raiders football and full game mode skills

FIFA18″ graphic Raiders, football journey and full-mode skills detailed Raiders (including “full action instructions” “full model details” “skills show” “football journey”)
By annyroal36
game introduction
“FIFA 18 (FIFA 18)” is produced by EA produced a football sports game, is the popular series “FIFA” series of the latest sequel. The game will introduce “Legend Star” as a multi-platform signboard (Icons), according to EA information, signs will be launched in the platform, the first Brazilian legend star will be Ronaldo. More FUT final team signs will be launched this summer.
The game will be divided into three versions, Standard Edition, Ronaldo version, and sign version. The Ronaldo version will include the benefits of the game three days in advance, and the signature version will provide some additional FUT content (in the form of a rental player), which can also enjoy three days ahead of the game.
Players book three versions of any one, you can get C Lo loan in the FUT final team qualification, as well as eight special edition FUT package, there are the highest value of $ 60 Jumbo senior gold FUT package.
FIFA18 graphics Raiders football and full game mode skills
New game features
World game, driven by the world’s top technology
With the Frostbite ™ EA SPORT ™ “FIFA18”, the distance between the virtual world and the real world, the lifelike players, the team and the atmosphere make you fully into the world of the world.
The successor to the “FIFA18” game content has been helped by the successive European champions Christians Ron Ronado (Christian Ronaldo).
The game introduces Ronado (Ronaldo) to accelerate, run the rhythm, skill and shoot technology to improve the game design fluency, player response and explosive forces and other elements.
New cross control
The new cross-cutting mechanism allows players to kick a wide range of aggressive arcs, high parabolic passes and quick low pass on the wing, creating more dynamic attack opportunities.
Real player action technology
This new system of action, bringing an unprecedented reaction, and clearly show the personality of the players – now, Christianson Ronaldo (Christian Ronaldo) and other top players every move lifelike true.

NBA 2K18 – Low vs Ultra details on the PC in comparison

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NBA 2K18 – Low vs Ultra details on the PC in comparison

Thursday 28 September 2017 at 08:31

We compare low and ultra graphics details of NBA 2K18 on the PC and show the frame rate using FRAPS.

We played NBA 2K18 with a resolution of 2160p . The very strong video in the video is due to the fps measurement, because we had to deactivate V-sync .

The graphics preset “low” is not the minimum level: shadows can even be deactivated completely and textures further down. All in all, NBA 2K18 on the PC offers extensive possibilities to adapt the game to the performance of its computer. From standard options such as shadows and textures to volumetric lighting and the degree of detail of the media representatives in the game, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

This is also reflected in the system requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7×64 / Windows 8.1×64 / Windows 10×64
Processor: Intel® Core i3-530 @ 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805 @ 2.50 GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GT 450 1 GB / ATI Radeon HD 7770 1 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 70 GB available space
Sound card: DirectX 9.0x compatible
Dual-Analog Gamepad : Recommended

Operating system: Windows 7×64 / Windows 8.1×64 / Windows 10×64
Processor: Intel® Core i5-4430 @ 3 GHz / AMD FX-8370 @ 3.4 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 770 2 GB / ATI Radeon R9 270 2 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 70 GB available space
Sound card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

The video is available in 4K UHD at Candyland on YouTube .

Our test system:

Intel Core i7 6700K
16 GB DDR4 RAM 2133 MHz
ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
250 GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD
2 TB Seagate Desktop
Windows 10 Creators Update
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Einlauf ins Stadion

The FIFA World Cup FIFA has moderately sanctioned the right-wing extremes of German fans at the World Cup qualifying match of the German national team in the Czech Republic. As the FIFA announced on Monday, the German Football Association has to pay a fine of 32,000 Swiss francs (around 28,000 euros).

In addition, the DFB was warned. FIFA could also have a fan exclusion in one of the next games.

The inglorious appearance of German stadium visitors on 1 September in Prague had caused great concern, indignation and horror. The alleged fans had interrupted, among other things, a silence for two dead Czech football officials, ignited pyrotechnics and answered “victory” calls for the goal to the 2-1 with “Heil” calls.

After the events in Prague, the DFB had clearly distanced itself from right-wing extremism and stressed that everything had been done before the match to prevent such failures. In addition, the DFB emphasized that this behavior had emanated from persons who had not moved their cards through the DFB.

Nationalist Joachim Loew had also sharply condemned the rioters and characterized their behavior as “deeply despicable”.

The Czech Football Association was also warned by the FIFA for the misbehavior of its spectators during the match, with a penalty of 5000 Swiss francs. Czech supporters ignited pyrotechnics in the grandstand, threw plastic cups into the stadium interior and stormed the pitch.