Clash Royale Update October 2017: all news

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Supercell has just released a great update of Clash Royale that comes loaded with news, so many that the study says that this is the biggest update that has experienced so far this game for mobile .

In version 2.0 of Clash Royale have implemented all kinds of improvements, both graphics and gameplay, as well as new balance adjustments of cards, missions and new game modes. With this move, Supercell gives new impetus to the popular game for iOS and Android , especially thanks to the inclusion of new challenges beyond tournament events and the clan chest. Here we tell you all the news.

Adjustments in card balance
Sparks: Attack speed has gone from 5 to 4 seconds and damage has decreased by 15%. It will not end with another Spark of a spark.
Tesla Tower : Increases damage by 41% and your attack speed increases from 0.8 to 1 sec. He’ll kill the minions and the goblins with one shot.
Electric Magician : Reduces damage by 4% and his first attack starts 0.2sg slower.
Cemetery: increases its duration from 9 to 10 sg and reduces its radius from 5 to 4. The first skeleton appears 0.5 sg later and will not appear so randomly.
Cannon with wheels : 5% more life and duration of the shield. Thanks to this, the shield will survive the jump and the blow of the megacaballero.
Lightning : its damage is reduced by 3% and the radius increases from 3.5 to 3.
Goblin with spear : Attack speed increases from 1.3 to 1.1 sg.
Valkyrie : Increases your damage by 5%.
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New missions and game modes
The new version of Clash Royale brings with it new daily and weekly quests that will allow you to get great rewards, which include both super-magic and legendary cops. You can access them through the Missions button that you will find in the Battle screen . Here you have the possibility to win gifts of daily access and you will see the different challenges that you will have to face in order to get the rewards.
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Clash Royale Update
On the other hand, the Clash Royale update also introduces us to new game modes. Among them we find the battles Touchdown , a new game mechanic in which there are no towers. Also includes the new Gold Fever and Gem Fever events , which allow you to gain more gold and gems when you destroy the towers.

On the other hand, to optimize the battles 2c2 Supercell has included a chat so you can communicate with your partner, as well as the possibility to request a match of revenge. In addition, now in the double deck battles the two players will have the same decks, and there are implemented challenges of all kinds that are unlocked in level 5.

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