Royal warfare aircraft election card challenge presentation sharing

 Clash royale aircraft election card challenge presentation sharing

” Clash royale ” recent focus activities, “aircraft election card challenge” will be officially opened. By participating in this event, players have the opportunity to unlock and get the new card in advance. Here to give you some important tips on this activity:

  1, the first time to participate in this challenge will be free, but then participate will be paid every time 100 gems.

  2, this time for the single card challenge, both sides are the opportunity to get the aircraft to participate in the battle!

  3, the challenge process can collect a one-time award, unlock this card in advance !

  4, a single challenge with a milestone award, respectively, corresponding to win 2 games, 4 games, 6 games, 9 games, 12 games, a total of 5 files reward, each file reward can only be received once.  

  In the challenge to get 12 victories, you can get 110 new aircraft card, and can immediately unlock in advance, in the October 6 can also be used before the card group .  

  5, in addition to milestone awards, as well as wins reward, which is based on the player to win the game, corresponding to provide gold and white card. 

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