FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (22)

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lay far corner

Whether it is facing the goalkeeper or goalkeeper as the goalkeeper, playing far corner is your best choice.

Reach the restricted area, and then push your left joystick to the far corner.

Push the left joystick angle is very the ball feel, when you face the door frame, the most choice of the left rocker ↖ (about ± 45 ° is enough), if you open the “shooting angle assistance”, then the left rocker Angle can be too large that no harm.

Try to try a few feet, choose the most suitable for your shot position.

Also shot near the post is also a good choice, but the goalkeeper will often close the pillar, so it is recommended that we play far corner.

Sudden use of cold arrows

“FIFA” than the “PES” in the case of a defensive player block, your shot will be seriously affected, ranging from the ball to bias; then, the ball was completely intercepted.

In order to prevent the interference of the situation, in the moment of the shot, you have to act decisively, must be enough ruthless, in order to complete a record deadly shot.

Suddenly Leng Leng has two basic operations, one horizontal wave immediately hit the door, the second is the ball immediately hit the door.

Both are in the non-complete breakthrough in the other line of defense, but also in the other line of defense is not deployed to tighten the situation to start shooting.

These two ways to shoot in fact a lot of people understand, especially in reality to play the readers. But the game is different, you do not look to play a game only need to gently move your fingers to deal with clean, in the game, you may be due to make some fancy trick action, will make your operation feel become muddy water.

When the game player to complete the extraordinary, you have a trace of a pause, then the defensive player is easy to come around.

At this time, to fix this “man-made” delay, you need to make sure that your actions are the trick you want to do.

(In fact, there are a lot of players in the FIFA inside to do the action, but often they do not know what action the players will make, but do not know the player to complete the action after the orientation, casually shot will only lead to Serious shot error)

At the end of the operation, the player’s action is often not over, at the same time you can press the B key, so that players can complete a set of actions after the end of the fight door.

The second case than the horizontal wave of the way to immediately hit the door to be simple, that is, the ball directly to the ball player, and then complete the fight door.

Although it is simple, but this way of shooting, generally do not have much effort, in order to make up for this, you can consider the use of straight plug ball as a simple cross or use the ball to increase the shot of the shot speed.

Long shots

When you go to the gourd to the top of the ball, this time there is no defensive player in your range of 2 meters, you can play a long shot.

Long shot to tell the truth, really “very casual” on the line, and its free place is that without too much effort and perspective.

You only need to control the control of good 10% to 70% or so is enough, of course, the greater the better strength, so you can raise the bottom of the eye (cross bar)

And the angle as long as you run a little bit different from the direction you can, because the AI ​​goalkeeper will usually block your running direction, and long shot after the ball flying angle will increase, a slight angle offset can play a good angle , As long as not the goalkeeper shot can be.

Long-range, the role of the essence is to frighten each other’s defense, and that is to seek a “lucky” opportunity, in the other goalkeeper saved long-range when your striker players can fill.

Lob shot

If you try to lob a shot, the narration will often say, “goalkeeper hate lob shot.” In other words, AI goalkeeper has long been strict control of the lob, whenever you resorted to lobs, they are sure to block the ball out of the box outside the scope.

Lob this trick to tell the truth, it would be better to push the far corner.

Since there is a lob, there is the meaning of its existence. When the other goalkeeper welcome, or seriously dislocation, for example, is deliberately standing in the near column, you can display lob shot. In addition you can also observe the goalkeeper’s action, if he is on his feet, seems to be going to block the low, then you can choose lob, which is playing him out of surprise.

Latching will draw a wonderful parabola in the sky, which requires you to know when you are shooting clear the distance between you and the goalkeeper, the distance between the goalkeeper and the door frame, and your shooting efforts.

I used to be the restricted area to choose 50% of the intensity of the lob shot, the restricted area is 90% of the intensity of the restricted area line is nearly 100% of the lap intensity. What is the specific strength, the key is to see the feeling at that time (that is, the two mentioned above).

Free kick

This generation of free kick than the previous generations are much more difficult, the key is that many players have learned to row when the wall by RB key, people wall forward tilt.

You hit the light intensity of the door, you will find the distance is not enough, easy to be wall down, if you choose to volley, and easy to fly. So the strength of the master is very elegant.

To take a free kick, first of course, to choose a free thrower, the proposal is to choose a left foot will (this is a bit subjective factors, the author has always felt with the left foot shot, the angle will choose a little more), followed by this The player’s shot at 85 or more, so you can ensure that the shot out of the ball fast enough.

Then teach you two free kicks.

Close, that is, gourd near the proposal is light intensity, probably a little more than a grid of intensity, and then slightly adjust the angle, biased in the far column, to ensure that the free throws players look at the front, the line of sight in the door frame, if beyond Easy to bias, this time the basic can be punished with the quality of the free kick.

If there is a free kick between the middle circle and the gourd, it is advisable to use the fallen leaves of Cronado (C Ronaldo), which does not care about the way, only the intensity and the way to hit the door.

This way of free throw to go to 80% to 90%, do not worry that the free throw will fly, because press the B key at the same time, you also need to hold down the RB button, which is to keep the ball down (not flying) The

In fact, this method is the ball of FIFA official teaching, although I often shoot beautiful leaves, but in the game which has not been a ball (I learned from FIFA14 this move) … so this move is greater than the practical significance of the study use.

Own goals

“FIFA” players to capture very real, it depends on the frost engine accumulated years of experience, but the system there are some “funny” problem.

That is the other goalkeeper and guard between the prone to “mechanical” mistakes, it is easy to cause a conceded.

So “unreasonable”, kicked furious on the right. This oolong ball, no skill at all, all look at your luck.

Often you play 10 races, there may be oolong ball, so remember boldly cast. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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